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Magia by Rodrigo-Vega Magia by Rodrigo-Vega
I do believe in magic. Actually we shouldn't believe in anything, because the human understanding of the universe is little but a verbalism at different levels, reality has a separated existance from what we percieve from it, everything depends on what do you mean by something; Does God exist? it depends on what you call "God". Does magic exist? what is magic then?. Simple answers then, are most of the time the most acurrated ones, just think of things people uses to think of about something and then find the closest, simplest thing that matches that description. I believe that magic is just those things that escape human understanding, thats all. Magic used to rule the world, it was everywhere; the flight of the birds was magical, the movement of the stars was. Magic does exist today, and is still everywhere, there are lots of things we ignore, and if we really don't know anything, if we can never get to understand anything as I believe, then everything is magical.

437) Gater: I wen't for the hammerhead as a base because it is a creature so sensitive to this subtle energy we cannot perceive. Yes, electromagnetism all right, still it felt so magical.

438) Jeweler: There is no distinction between insect, reptile, bird or mammal, all is one and one is all.

439) Sage: Simplicity is such a virtue to sentinent beings, yet it seems so rare. Simplicity not in the meaning of lack of development, but in that of Humility and Clarity. Those are the people closer to magic.

440) Visitor: Mnn I don't feel like making up pseudo-philosphy now. I just thought in all the relation there axists between fairies and modern aliens. There you have this creatures that come flying somehow, with insectoid features, unclear intentions and performing things beyond our understanding. Magic I say!.

441) Insectoid: Do I already have a creature with that name? do I? Ok whatever, I don't care. I think that from all the kinds of animals insects better fit magic, they are everywhere, they are so hard to understand, so different, so full of mysteries.

442) Nexus: Could there exist beings from whom theres nothing we can understand? magic twirled over itself, it is hard to think about such a being, because if it exists, you are by logic picturing it wrong. So I just made a ball of energies and currents.

443) The Ones Outside: I thought of this as a creature dwelling beyond the end of the world, where ice and fire can be together at the same place and time, and chaos is the only rule, in a fantasy setting of course. But people did believe in the end of the world, they could not understand, they could not see, there was magic.

444) Beholder: A standard RPG enemy. I hate them, they look so stupid! But I thought the collection needed one, so I based mine around a deep water fish. A big mouth with large teeth and you can add them pretty mush anything and the will look all right.

445) Wizard: A wizard, mage or magician is to me, someone who does something one does not understand. It could be an ilusionist from a party, a scientist manipulating the human genome to cure a disease or the guy who fixes your T.V.
But if you want to see real wizards in action turn your head to your garden and to nature, there are creatures with natural capabilities to do things you don't understand and the best thing is, that unlike human mages they don't do either.
DrPivot Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012  Student Filmographer
that looks so awsome i also agree with with ice deathrunes on taste in magic
ice-deathrunes Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2008  Professional General Artist
i love this if for no other reason than your description of what you believe is magic. this is absolutely wonderful. so thoughtful, so provocative. I could gush for probably an hour, but I'll sum up with, this is magical.
whalewithlegs Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2008  Student General Artist
Despite your distaste, that's a great beholder! I think you did a good job making it a little more of a 'natural' creature than magical :)
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