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Plasticine dinosaurs by Rodrigo-Vega Plasticine dinosaurs by Rodrigo-Vega
I no longer draw dinosaurs like this! make it stop! I'm real paleoartist now, I'm a big boy! WHAAAA!!

Now, seriously, i made the original ones in plasticine when i was a little kid to play with my brother.

77) Ceratoraptor: a large predatory dinosaur that got a white durning the scanning, it was made of sky-blue plasticine and had orange eyes.

78) Minisaurus tectonicus: (I'm not in the mood of making up names now) Yellow underground variety of the minisaurus.

79) Minisuarus sapiens: Little brown creatures with some thechnology... at least they had thootpick spears and a little hut. I think there only existed 2 of this specie and they were the last ones I ever did, they make me feel kinda sad. I jumped the shark with them.

80)Minisaurus minisaurus: The original blue minisaurus, this are the little dinosaurs that started it all. Being only 2cm long this creatures ... i mean.. they werent supposed to be that small, the plasticine ones had that size, they are supposed to be 30cm or something like that. The point is a made a bazillion of this little buddies i still have here at home.

81) Mocosaurus: A yellow ceratopsian probably 1.20 m ... the real ones, the plasticine ones where like 6 cm long. They can spit mocus from their noces in order to discourage attackers.

82) Minisaurus crepusculatorus: A black variation of the minisaurus, this nocturnal species take most of their nutrients from the blood of their prey and they also have a venomous bite. They are second in population to the original minisaurus and like them live in organized conlony with specialized castes.

83) Venatorosaurus: A massive ble creature linked to a drop of the minisaurian demographics (if I'm not wrong I had a tantrum or something, got mad and made a ball with a bunch of minisaurus that ended in this evil monster)

84) Pluvisaurus: A huge dark-grey acuatic reptile ... i remember doing some sort of heroic deed and then spoiling it with an animalesque ending.

85) Minihidriusaus: A green breed of minisaurus, it had amphibian habits. I recall a little mutant young that was slighlty more acuatic and a tipped sail on its back instead of a rounded one.

86) Minipterus: A red flying minisaurus.
grisador Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015
Awww ! :D
RobotNinjaHero Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011
retronick Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So cool they are!!!
I also used to make them out of plasticine in my childhood, had some sort of Jurassic Park on my table)
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