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Tempus by Rodrigo-Vega Tempus by Rodrigo-Vega
let me make something clear here, I do not get along with time, in fact, I hate time!, Hate it, hate it. I like animales that died zillions of years ago I wear clothes used centuries ago and can only imagine my dreams coming true far into the future, I don't have never enough time for anything and when I do, I feel like I'm wasting it, but on time I'll have to make peace with time. But for now, I'm not even interested in talking about time, so I'm only descriving my creatures.

690) Tresspasser: This creature represents some sort of time-space distortion... bha, thats all actually, some sort of guy being streched .. through a weir dimension.

691) Transmitter: I thought of the real of time as some sort of weird black and white dimension with an endless chess pattern and giant white gears and clockwork stuff floating, probably today I would do something different, but back then those mechanisms needed mantenience.

692) Time dragon: I know that doesn look much like a dragon, but... imagine it is. For some reason I imagine some sort of infinitely thin ... strings or stuff to control time, I don't know why, but many of my time controling creatures do have them.

693) Planerunner: There is an important relation between time and speed or movement. So, yea, probably in a dimension in which time has different rules you could get at least a little bit more speed... but just a little...

694) Kronometriess: (below left) As I said before I found a relation between time and machines... there is this precision in the movement and .. well timing. If you think about it time makes much to the complexity of the universe, after all how complex could a three dimensional universe?

695) Arcaeto: Shows the durability of time, represented with longevity... well If time is infinite... in one way or another, this creature would represent that, but in any case it shows long term existance and different tendences toward eternity. I believe that everything is eternal, but some things are more eternal than others.

696) Demkare: This was originally the 666 creature, I remember this ... wow, it kept a weird number, considering I had the numbers randomly wrong... wow. But having it away might mean I'm finaly making peace with time because this creature represents the destructive power of time.

697) Conselentio: Like the opposite of the planerunner, this one is about lack of movement as part of time too, about things that are kept in time just like they are or with minor changes.

698) Arlekin: Dimensions don't have to be in perfect conventional order, the fourth after the third, the fifht after the fourth and so on, for example there can be time without depth, like an animation or something, I think that was the idea behind this guy since the 2D surfaces of the time real would be something like a chess board.
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iamdabid Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Your artwork is soooo sick and inspiring.! 
I'm doing my own set of mutants but no where as good as this! 
DSil Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2008  Student General Artist
Interesting theme.
Anchorwell Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2008
my fav is the big guy with the hammer
whalewithlegs Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2008  Student General Artist
man, this is a really odd and inventive set! you've gotten so many diverse concepts out of just 1 subject!
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October 6, 2008
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